Local workshop – La Coma (Paterna) Spain


Jovesólides developed on July 12 a face to face  workshop addressed to young people. With this training, the participants were able to discover that being different is something common.

They were also able to develop their critical sense, reflected on their identity and learned how to tell a story in a different way through different methodologies such as storytelling or participatory media.

The participants received creative training on the use of participatory video and photography, nowadays an essential tool to work on the construction of individual and collective identities within the framework of intercultural education. All this with the ultimate goal of showing diversity as a positive phenomenon and to value the representation of diverse discourses not always present in the media, and a way to flip the roles and make who normally is behind the scenes tell their own stories in first person. The training took place in Paterna and was attended by 18 people who identified relevant issues such as the loss of family members to covid,homesickness, and fear of uncertainty about the future.

The participants express that the creation of these stories talking with the others  in a different way made them feel better after having worked on their emotions with these  innovative methodologies.

This training has been developed in the framework of the project 'How I see you: creating a digital community’, led by the Autokreacja Foundation and in which Jovesólides participates as a partner entity together with Jordan Youth Innovation Forum, from Jordan and Jovesólides Egypt. The project, funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation, has as its main objective to promote dialogue between young people in the regions of the European Union and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The ultimate goal: to promote an inclusive society that respects and is enriched by cultural differences.

To follow all the news of the project, follow the hashtag #EuromedStories on social media.

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