How I See you: Creating a Digital Community


This project is funded by Anna Lindh foundation and done in cooperation with partners organizations from the EU and MENA: Jordan Youth Innovation Forum (Jordan),  Jovesolides  (Spain), Jovesolides (Egypt).


The project will last for 10 months, and the partnership look forward to discovering more about similarities and common values while acknowledging respecting and cultural differences existing between us.


Producing their own digital content  and incrising their digital comptences. Minumum 100 photos and 50 films will be selected collaboratively by youngsters on the topic of cultural identity and diversity.

The ultimate goal of this project is to break cultural barriers and foster peaceful dialogue between young individuals from various backgrounds. Therefore, encourage youth to keep an open-minded perspective, acceptance and respect for others, despite any differences.


This project brings together activists and young people from European Union and the Middle East and North Africa countries in order to strengthen connections between the inhabitants of these two regions. Through the project we will be providing them with a space in which they can get to know each other, interact, and cooperate using digital means of expression. The main focus of the project is to encourage young people to find similarities and common values while respecting and acknowledging cultural differences existing between them.


Adapting to the rapid developed in technology and the limitations COVID-19 has caused, we will be relying on digital means in order to implement our objectives. Thus, How I See You project also promotes collective and cross-cultural digital dialogue, that gives youth the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas and values. Accordingly, arise acceptance between them and provides a practical approach towards eliminating stereotype and pre-judgement



Within the project we first went to Cairo, Egypt, to train the professional youth workers in participatory photography and film making. During our five days stay we met with activists from Spain, Egypt, Jordan, and Poland to explore how tools based on digital means of expression can help build a meaningful dialogue across cultural differences. We did self-portraits, collages, photo-collages, and short, personal films. All of our activities served one main purpose: to reflect upon who we are and to share it with the others in the spirit of focusing on similarities while at the same time respecting and acknowledging the cultural differences existing between us.  


Training in Egipt

The project will conduct a training course in Poland, gathering various participants to meet and share their thoughts. This training will emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion, as well as the significance of sharing our thoughts and opinion, as it can have a great impact on our communities and lead to positive changes. 


Secondly, How I See You project will organize local workshops guiding youth towards effective use of digital platforms, to communicate and speak up, yet be able to create their own digital content.

Study Visit

As part of strengthening youth workers competences, the project will feature a study visit during which they will be able to better understand the challenges of working in culturally diverse setting and innovative solutions that are being implemented to address them


With support from the partner organizations, youngsters who took part in the workshops will be organizing exhibitions, screenings, and discussions on the topic of culture in their local communities, using the materials that were collaboratively produced together with other youngsters from different countries

Final meeting (JORDAN)

The final conference, attended by the youth workers and youngsters, aims at summarizing the project and presenting its results to the wider public. It will also provide space for networking and working on concrete ideas for follow-up projects.



  • Raising professional capacities of participating organizations and equipping them with effective tools to work with young people in the spirit of respecting cultural diversity
  • Increasing young people’s ability to reflect on their cultural identity and to express it to the outside public using digital tools
  • Creating virtual space for dialogue and exchange of experiences among young people with different cultural background 
  • Increasing access to digital-based methodologies for fostering dialogue among stakeholders not directly taking part in the project 
  • Strengthening cooperation between civil society actors based in the EU and MENA regions


This project is suported by The Anna Lindh Foundation. ALF is an international organisation which promotes intercultural exchanges and common projects among the civil societies of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

                  This project is suported by European Union.