Sara’s Story

Personal letter to the parents. Sara’s confession surrounds by peaceful pictures from the city she lives in.

Boutaina’s Stories

Boutaina is originally from Marroco, living in Valencia, Spain now. Is the justice the same everywhere? 

Lourdes Story

Two years after her grand mother passed away, Lourdes writes a very personal letter to her grandma.

Osama’s Story

Being a soldier in Egipt. Osama describes his feelings during his serve on the desert.

Alba’s Stories

How to connect smells and tastes with memories and feelings.

Ashmas Story

She wish, she could change the word. she would change the rules how everything works.

Biggest Passion by Maha Hassan

You’d lose your sense of many insignificant things while seeking your passion, but you will always find comfort and things you love.

A memory that I cannot forget

Mahmoud Ellithy’s Story. we do not feel the importance of memories we and beloved once have in between till we lose them.

Changing the world

Merna Ibrahim Story. If we need change, we got to look at others in a compassionate, and courage insight.

Item of significance to you

Eman Lotfy story.
We can’t get rid of something significance to us inspite of any downs.

Last thing I thought of before asleep

Enjy Anwar story. It is not always good to pay too much attention to how people perceive you.

The best feeling you felt.

Emar Fakher’s story. it is always hard to appreciate your efforts, but at some point we need to pause and recognize it.

A challenge that I have been through

El Hossainy Abdel Raheem story. After living in Saudia Arabia for many years, moving to Egypt was not easy as El Hossainy thought as it is.

What inspires me

Amr Tharwat story. Books always have something valuable to offer, and the cumilative knowledge we need.

Biggest passion

Ali Hassan story.
Music always relates to our feelings whatever it is

Home isn’t  a fixed thing

Owain feels contradictory about what home is for him, living in a country other than his own, being a person whose idea of home has changed over the last few years.

When we will meet again

Sara talks about the figure of her grandmother, especially in the last years of her life when she was a dependent person and she was able to accompany her. 

Partner in life

Ana feels that being a mother is like a roller coaster, but it has finally made her realize that although there is a lot of insecurity if they have done things right with her daughter.

Mum, thanks for all the joy

Sandra is every far away from her home country and has lost her lively mum because covid, she wants to reflect how joyful her mum was and how life can change and not allow us to spend time with the beloved ones, that is why she wants to send the message to everyone that no time is for granted.


Sofía is 18 years old and  has discovered many positive things after she changed her High School and environment .Above all, she has met a person who means a lot to her, a soul in whom she can share her emotions and her way of walking through life through art, especially music and acting.

Brave inspiration

Carmen is Brazilian and remembers with joy how she being the girl of the house was the brave one for her grandfather, who was a person who taught them to grow up with peculiar anecdotes. He continues to be an inspiration for her.

Passion vibes

When Miquel learned about tennis his attitude towards life changed, he is an example of how sport has helped him to overcome difficult situations in his life.

Inner Pease Nada Taher

Could inner peace and its spirtual and intellectual formation mixed with enough knowledge and understanding state self-independence of facing inner conflicts.

Biggest Passion – Nehal Fouad

Nehal Fouad story. The passion for me is something that truly changes my mood and feelings to a better state.

Inner Peace – Yasmeen Khalid

Yasmeen believes that inner peace is a shot of beautiful scenes, moments with beloved ones, have a lovely sight of things to always remind herself with the beauty of life.